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Order surcharge (5% for July, 10% for August)

Important Trade Updates - 01/07/2016

Like many in our industry Ultra Finishing has been left in unchartered waters with the ever moving exchange rate due to the Brexit vote.  As you are probably aware we run our business in US dollars and the immediate concern is the fall in the value of the pound against the dollar.

We are in uncertain times and nobody can predict how long the financial instability will continue. With this in mind we do not want to make any long term decisions on our pricing.

It is necessary therefore for Ultra to apply a 10% surcharge to cover its costs from 1st July.  Due to the lateness in the month of the referendum and to be as fair as possible to our customers to react, we will subsidise half of this and apply a 5% surcharge for July only.  If the exchange rate returns to the level it was at prior to the exit vote, we will of course remove the surcharge. 

The surcharge will be visible on your order confirmation as a separate line.  To avoid any future price queries we require confirmation you accept the surcharge.  There are two options:

  1. Send an email to sales@ultra-finishing.co.uk confirming you accept the surcharges on all your orders (5% for July, 10% August) making sure you provide your full business address with postcode.

  2. On an order by order basis sign the order acknowledgement and return it to the Internal Sales office (or email your acceptance with the order).

Orders will only be despatched once the Sales office receives this confirmation.

The surcharge applies to all your net buying prices including standard terms, collections, displays, special prices, bulk pricing and CIF/door to door (£) container pricing.

The quarter two bulk prices will remain valid in July and August but as highlighted above are also subject to the surcharge.