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  • Price increase notification – 3rd April 2017

    Important Trade Updates - 20/04/2017
    Price increase notification – 3rd April 2017

    Over the last six months raw material prices have continued to remain high due to various economic factors, all well documented on the news.

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  • BGF back Ultra Finishing Ltd

    Press Releases - 12/01/2017
    BGF back Ultra Finishing Ltd

    Ultra Finishing Ltd, a designer, manufacturer and distributor of bathroom products has received a multi-million pound investment from BGF (Business Growth Fund).

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  • August Surcharge & September Price Increase

    Important Trade Updates - 02/08/2016

    Following the vote to leave the EU on the 23rd June 2016, like all UK trade and commerce Ultra Finishing Ltd has been watching developments unfold closely.

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  • Order surcharge (5% for July, 10% for August)

    Important Trade Updates - 01/07/2016

    Like many in our industry Ultra Finishing has been left in unchartered waters with the ever moving exchange rate due to the Brexit vote. As you are probably aware we run our business in US dollars and the immediate concern is the fall in the value of the pound against the dollar.

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  • Shanghai Show - KBC June 2016

    Press Releases - 22/06/2016

    Come and visit our stand at KBC - 2016. Featuring Downton Abbey Sanitary Appliances & Kitchen Ware

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  • Website Competition Law Statement

    Press Releases - 22/06/2016

    The Directors of Ultra Finishing Limited ("UFL") are committed to ensuring that UFL and its employees comply at all times with competition law.

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  • CMA Investigation

    Press Releases - 22/06/2016
    CMA Investigation

    It has been a long slow process but Ultra has concluded its settlement discussions with the CMA and now it’s time for the business to move onwards and upwards.

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  • How to Make a Small Bathroom Look Bigger

    Press Releases - 20/06/2016
    How to Make a Small Bathroom Look Bigger

    Wanting a ‘bigger bathroom’ or ‘more space’ is a common theme when planning a bathroom. The best way to achieve is to maximise storage and utilise space efficiently...

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